4. Allow acces from WAN

To make possible to connect with your Raspberry Pi you have to share your local host to Internet. Depending on your internet connection you have three option. Please choose option appropriate for you.

    1. You have static IP address and acces to your router. The best situation. You need just to log in to your router and to set port forwarding for SSH connection (port 22 by default) to your Raspberry Pi local IP address (Raspberry Pi need to have a static local IP for inside LAN configured. If you would like to get local IP for your Raspberry Pi from DHCP server, please make sure DHCP server will serve always the same local IP address for your Raspberry Pi’s MAC address. If port forwarding for SSH is done you can acces to your Raspberry Pi outside your LAN using your static public IP address you got from your Internet provider.
    2. You have dynamic IP address but you have an accas to the router. Good situation. You need to execute all suggestion from point 1. But in this case you need to also to track your dynamic public IP address. To get all the time static URL you can use DynDNS service or simillar.
    3. You have dynamic IP and no acces to the router (or you do not like a set up of network equipment). Most common situation. You can use localtunnel service. Unfortunatelly we need to wait some time for SSH tunneling functionality is available.
      You can use also pagekite.net service (you have to register to get 30 day free of charge trial). Then you need to install pagekite and configure the application (Configuring an SSH back-end). After that you can log in to your Raspberry Pi from any device connected to global Internet (inside and ouside your LAN). To do it you can use for example Putty application on Windows. But you need to prepare the connection (proxy settings). I tried it and I can assure you it works very well.



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